Electrical Testing & Periodic Testing

We ensure we are always electrical testing to the latest rules and regulations.

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At Robbie Burke Electrical, safety is always number one, which is why we always make sure we carry out a thorough and meticulous standard of testing.

Electrical Testing & Periodic Testing: We also ensure we are always testing to the latest rules and regulations of the Irish safety standard.

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Electrical Testing & Periodic Testing

For example certain electrical circuits require regular testing such as:

  • Emergency Lights Systems
  • All Circuits Protected by RCD’s
  • Fire Alarm Panels

Also regular electrical testing can identify and find defective electrical faults such as bad Earthing within the system, breaks in cables or faulty wiring in a plug top.

Our thorough testing service covers all types of installations such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs, hospitals, schools local authority public buildings such as libraries and community centres.

We also offer electrical maintenance contracts for our clients to ensure regular scheduled electrical inspections and reports, giving you peace of mind of a safe electrical installation.

What is Periodic Electrical Testing?

Periodic electrical testing is a means of inspecting and testing an existing installation in order to determine any damage or defects within the installation.

Periodic electrical testing would also specify the necessary remedial measures to ensure an acceptable level of protection against electric shocks and forums.

This is in accordance with ET 101:204 and ET 101:208

Dear to our vast experience in this field, we can provide you with a comprehensive report and advice on any aspect of your electrical installations.

Maximum period between inspections:

  • Domestic premises: five years
  • Commercial premises: five years
  • Places of public entertainment: one year
  • Leisure complexes: one year

Always ensure that you choose a qualified and registered electrician for all work. We are a Safe Electric Registered Electrical Contractor.

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